This Framework Feels Illegal to Know: ‘Life Systems Optimization’

Cait Mack
2 min readNov 23, 2022

Life gets enhanced here.

Austin Distel

What if you treated your life like a computer algorithm?

What if you tried to optimize the major areas?

What if you focused on what matters and cut pretty much everything else?

I wonder what your life would like after a year or so. A whole lot better is my guess.

It’s worth a shot in 2023, right?

Months ago I had this idea of optimizing various areas of my life. Basically simplifying health, wealth and relationships.

Those are the big 3, the Trifecta of Living Well.

So, I want to show you an example of what I did for Health.

Big Goal: Excellent Health

System: Physical Health

Subsystem: Recovery

  • 7+ hours of sleep nightly
  • Massage, stretching, recovery focus as aging
  • Daily flossing

Subsystem: Nutrition

  • High fiber, moderate protein, low sugar
  • Fasting (either IF or 24 hour fasts)
  • Whole foods 80% of the time

Subsystem Exercise:

  • Daily mobility workout
  • Cardio 3x/week
  • Lifting 3x/week

System: Mental Health

Subsystem: Personal growth

  • Morning deep work
  • 1 self help book per week
  • Accountability communities

Subsystem: Stress reduction

  • Default to observation when angry
  • Daily meditation
  • Simplify & eliminate

The idea here is you pick core tasks, things that move the needle.

Then you break them down into daily/weekly habits.

You can review your optimized system as often as necessary. I used to do it daily. Now I do it weekly.

I did a very similar breakdown for wealth and relationships. If you want to see those, shoot me an email: and I’d be happy to send them over :)

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