Scary vs Dangerous

Cait Mack
1 min readSep 17, 2021

Fix Your Sh*t: Volume 46

Casey Horner

Far too often we let fear dictate our lives and it makes no distinction between what scares you and what is dangerous for you.

In life there are things that are scary but not dangerous and things that are dangerous but not scary. It serves you well to understand the difference and recognize what’s what.

My two best examples are: public speaking vs driving.

Many of us are terrified to speak in front of others, but don’t think twice about driving ourselves to these events.

Yet, your chance of dying while driving is 1 in 107. Your chance of dying while public speaking? Effectively 0%.

So what you have is something that’s scary but not dangerous (public speaking) and then something that’s dangerous but not scary (driving). And the only real difference is lack of understanding and lack of exposure. We tend to drive more than we publicly speak, so it stands to reason we get more comfortable, more quickly, with driving.

Always stop to think- am I in danger or am I just scared?

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