Nothing to Watch? New Things to Stream This Week

Cait Mack
3 min readJul 25, 2022

Complete with plots, trailers & my questionable commentary.

Phillip Goldsberry

No more having to remember an entire month’s worth of streaming platform lineups.

I’ll be here every Monday.

Offering up the best new streaming options.

Apple TV+

Apple keeps making its push to be a serious streaming contender.

Amber Brown (7/29)

A girl finds her way through art and music after her parent’s divorce.


Surface (7/29)

A woman’s quest to rebuild her life after a suicide attempt, and her struggle to understand all the things that led up to that moment.



Not the hottest week in HBO history but there are some good looks here.

Citizen Ashe (7/28)

Explores the tennis career of Arthur Ashe and his impact on tennis and HIV activism.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (7/28)



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