Join the Top 5% of Humans in Less Than 4 Hours of Effort Per Day

Cait Mack
3 min readDec 26, 2022

Work smarter than almost everyone else.

Prophsee Journals

The below are things I do daily.

Ranked in order of importance (to me anyway).

A couple of years ago I got clarity on what I wanted out of life. Good health, strong relationships and financial freedom.

Which isn’t much different than what you want, most likely.

So try some of these on for size.

Health (1 hour per day)

Workout (30 minutes)

I rotate between 3 heavy lifting sessions: pull, legs, push.

And I workout 5 days per week usually.

Morning walk (15 minutes)

The morning walk has become non-negotiable.

No matter the weather (and it’s been rough lately) I get up and go.

I also aim for a minimum of 8k steps per day.

Mobility routine (5 minutes)

I wake up, chug water and roll right into this routine.

The idea is to keep my flexibility and ease of movement well into my old age.



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