How to Write 10,000 Articles and Become Prolific

Cait Mack
2 min readMay 17, 2022

Or however many you want.

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Becoming a successful writer will always come down to one simple sentence.

Quality + quantity, consistently, over a long period of time.

Today I’m here to help with quantity. Which is what a lot of us stumble over. How the heck do you publish every single day?

Some of the top writers post 2–3 articles daily. Jesus.

Here’s how to come close.

Capture a ton of thoughts and observations

Anything you think of or come across you should be jotting down.

Ideas come from…

Things that happen to you. Things you read. Stories your friends tell you. Stories you hear at work. Things you witness at your local grocery store. TV shows you watch. The list is endless.

I keep a lot of stuff in Google Docs. But any notetaking tool will work.

Take your captured notes and create outlines

Spend one day a week writing out as many outlines as you can using your notes.

Sometimes I’ll get 2 outlines done. Most times I’ll get 10+ done in a day.

If you can’t get a whole day, use Sunday mornings.

Fill in your outlines

Now, go in the day before and fill in your article for the following day.

Just start writing. It need not be the greatest article of all time just yet. If you can do 2 or 3 articles in a day, fill them in.

But stay at least one day ahead of schedule. It takes the pressure off.

Edit properly

Remove a lot of stuff.

Move it around.

Walk away from it.

Come back and do more editing.

Have your girlfriend (or boyfriend or best friend) read it.

Forget perfection. Get it feeling good and ship it.

Repurpose already written pieces

I write about health, wealth and relationships. This gives me a lot of leeway to repurpose things.

Stuff I wrote about a month ago can fit into a new piece next month.

You have your likely niche as well. Tweak already written pieces. Pull from them. Flesh out an idea further. You get the idea.

Use your preexisting work to create more work.

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