How to ‘Project Manage’ Your Life, in Less Than 5 Minutes

Cait Mack
3 min readAug 30, 2022

Start transferring your skills.

Jo Szczepanska

You’re reading this because you want your life to deliver better results.

You’re looking for some outcome that’s not just more of the same.

So, think about any project you want to take on…

Maybe it’s rebuilding your health or remodeling your bathroom or finding a new career. It really doesn’t matter.

Each project you undertake can follow this set of instruction and instantly become more manageable.

There are 4 steps to getting started with planning a project.

1/ Initiate the project

This is where you take the time to define your goals, identify your budget and figure out what resources you need.

What does health mean to you? Running a 5k? Getting your cholesterol levels in check?

You need to define it first.

What people do you need to involve for a bathroom remodel? What will each step cost?

2/ Make a plan

How will you meet the goals of your project?

For health it may require working out 5 days per week and eating an 80% whole foods diet.

For the bathroom remodel you’ll need to find the contractor you’ll use. How you’ll adjust your living arrangements for a week.

3/ Execute & complete tasks

Motivate yourself and monitor progress.

If you’re rebuilding your health you need to set up milestones to celebrate. Motivation is hard to maintain so you need a plan.

That plan can include setting your environment up for success, building a workout plan and grocery shopping for healthy food.

You need to think more discipline, less motivation. And discipline gets easier once you start practicing it.

Follow your progress with pictures, updates to friends, etc. This also helps keep you motivated.

4/ Close the project

Celebrate & evaluate.

Cait Mack

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