How to Get Wealthy in 2 Steps

Cait Mack
2 min readMar 29, 2022

The process is simpler than you think.

Cristina Gottardi

First things first- wealthy is a mindset, not just a financial goal.

Wealthy people appreciate freedom, security & the ability to be generous. They also like to build generational wealth.

Rich people enjoy things. Flashy houses, cars & watches. And they want them now. They also tend to spend most of what they make.

Wealthy people build in terms of decades, not days. You want to be wealthy.

Step One to Wealth: Create a positive cash flow.

Create a cash flow sheet. It’s simple- what comes in, what goes out and how much you invest each month.

If you find yourself in a negative cash flow…you spend more than you earn…fix it immediately. See where you can cut costs.

To increase cash coming in focus on increasing your earning potential. This means skill building, side hustle creation, second jobs, etc.

Step Two to Wealth: Purchase assets with your positive cash flow.

What are assets? Anything that will make you more money over time.

This is stocks, real estate, crypto, etc. The barriers to entry are low. You can open accounts with low…



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