Here’s Why You’re Not Successful, Yet

Cait Mack
2 min readSep 21, 2022

Your 4 point plan to get on track today.

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We don’t have a knowledge problem in modern times. Google solved that.

You know what you should do.

What happens is you either:

A, don’t know how to do it so you question how to execute.


B, you’re too lazy to actually do it. You don’t actually execute.

You know the what. You know the why. You know the when.

So then it simply becomes how to execute.

The undefeated productivity hack: Just sit your ass down (or get your ass up) and get to work.

Let’s say you want to learn how to build a Twitter account.

What to do? Easy.

  • Buy a guide or watch YouTube videos.
  • Create a profile.
  • Start tweeting.
  • Start engaging.

2. Why are you doing it? Easy.

Here’s your reason for taking action.

Maybe you want to build an audience to get your work out. Maybe you want to build an audience to sell to. It’s a side hustle.

Whatever, your reason is yours.

3. How? Harder.

Here you want actual metrics to meet.

  • Tweet 2x per day
  • Engage on 10 tweets per day
  • Create threads 2x per week

4. Execution. Hardest part.

You need to build your discipline muscle and show up every single day.

Your metrics can’t be hit or miss, no big deal. You need to hit them every single day for months, then years.

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