Books & Booze: 3/27/22

Cait Mack
3 min readMar 27, 2022

Your antidote to a week of chaos.

Florencia Viadana

Life is crazy. And at the end of the day, I’m convinced it’s simply meant to be enjoyed.

Be kind. Help others. Find purpose. Work. Play.

Ahem…Read. Drink.

And if you’re going to bother doing something you may as well do it well.

So read the best books. Drink the best beers.

You’ll find new ‘bests’ here every Sunday.


Battlegrounds by H.R. McCaster (2020)

What’s it about?

From Lt. General H.R. McMaster, U.S. Army, ret., the former National Security Advisor and author of the bestselling classic Dereliction of Duty, comes a bold and provocative re-examination of the most critical foreign policy and national security challenges that face the United States, and an urgent call to compete to preserve America’s standing and security.

Why you should read it

A great book that breaks down all of America’s biggest threats globally. It was good timing since I just finished The Changing World Order. McCaster is informative and entertaining. A winning combo every time.


Alibaba by Duncan Clark (2016)

What’s it about?

An engrossing, insider’s account of how a teacher built one of the world’s most valuable companies — rivaling Walmart & Amazon — and forever reshaped the global economy.

Why you should read it

It could’ve been written better, but this does tell the story of Jack Ma well enough. And Ma’s a very interesting character. The Chinese Bezos, but with a better sense of humor.


Fundamental Paradox (8%) from First State (Delaware)

What is it??

Wee Heavy :: Scotch Ale |

Tasting Notes: Toffee // Caramel // Nutty

Appearance: Copper-Brown // Ruby Hue // Light Tan Head

Aroma: Toffee // Caramel // Biscuit

Flavor: Nutty // Brown Sugar // Toffee

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