A Woman Was Raped on a Train and It Says Something About Us

Cait Mack
3 min readNov 3, 2021

Multiple witnesses and no one helped.

Noah Cote

On October 13, 2021, around 11pm, Fiston Ngoy raped a woman on a Septa train in Philadelphia.

This is shocking enough. But what’s even more shocking is that not a single person intervened. And even worse than that? Many of them simply filmed the attack.

What. The. Fuck.

Just to be clear, this literally should’ve never happened. Because he should’ve been in jail. He had priors. One of them for sexual abuse that the court deemed “not significant enough”.

He shouldn’t have even been in the country. His student Visa expired in 2015. He was here illegally at this point.

But, he was protected by systems (in this case, immigration and legal) that seemingly do more for criminals than they do for decent people in our society.

This article, isn’t about that issue though.

This article is about the witnesses who couldn’t be bothered to help.

For over 30 minutes this woman was assaulted by Ngoy, until he finally raped her.

At minimum, 10 people watched this unfold. No one helped and most of them took out their phones, just not to call for help.

Finally, an off duty transit worker called 911. After 30 plus minutes of people watching, filming and taking pictures. The police arrived 3 minutes after the call was placed and interrupted the attack.

Ngoy tried claiming the attack was actually consensual, because of course he did. Video surveillance proves otherwise, obviously.

I have so many questions.

  • When did we become this kind of society? Over the past 20 years or so, it seems.
  • Have we always been these people? I don’t think so.
  • Is this new? Kind of.
  • Would we help? I hope so.
  • Did some people not help for fear of being called racist (Ngoy is an African immigrant)? Possibly.
  • Did people care less because the woman was drunk? Possibly.
  • How do men become like Fiston? Some horrendous blend of nurture and nature.
Cait Mack

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