A Stupid Question We Ask Our Kids

Cait Mack
2 min readApr 1, 2022

Fix Your Sh*t: Volume 72

Vitolda Klein

First world problems. We all have them.

But the real problem with first world problems?

They’re not real.

Well, they’re relatively real. But worldwide- ah not so much.

Our kids live pretty good. Warm beds. Full bellies. Toys. Soccer practice. Clean classrooms filled with nice teachers. Doting parents.

And therein lies the problem- doting parents.

We have this habit of asking our kids a really dumb question.

“Are you happy?”

Who cares?

Happiness is hard to measure. It’s often fleeting. It’s not a constant state to be in.

Little Billy can be happy when you ask him and then flying off the handle 2 minutes later.

Their happiness is irrelevant.

A much better thing to do?

Make sure your kids are doing the right things. Get them building their habits and routines. Understand that actions indicate far more about how a life turns out than anything else.

We’ve moved into morning routines, homework routines, bedtime routines. We’re trying to teach chores and responsibility and being part of a family unit. Accountability is a big one. Helping others. Taking care of your health. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Their happiness? I’m really not worried about it.

If they live right, they’ll feel good.

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