Complete with plots, trailers and my questionable commentary.


A weak week. Which is semi-surprising considering this is the time of year people are hunkered down. C’mon man, give us your best content!

Anyway, our headliners this week are Munich: Edge of War (Netflix, Ozark: Season 4 (Netflix) and As We…

Your antidote to a week of chaos.

Jodie Cook

These weeks are flying by entirely too fast.

And now, with Netflix raising their prices again…I’m highly recommending cancelling and spending your time picking up great books at your local library.

You can start here, with these 2. And look back over my…

Fix Your Sh*t: Volume 63

People usually assume that asking “what if?” is a waste of time.

And they’re right.

When they think of it the common way. Looking back wondering what would have been better if you did something else is mostly a waste of time. …

Cait Mack

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