7 Money Cheat Codes to Build Wealth

Cait Mack
3 min readFeb 17, 2022

Time to up your wealth game.

Goran Ivos

Getting a financial education is one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself.

Maybe the best.

Understanding money allows you to buy what you want, retire early, take nice vacations, save for your kids’ college and a million other things.

Money isn’t a goal.

Money is a tool. And tools should be put to work.

Don’t fall for good marketing.

Don’t be one of those people who buys shit like the 19 dollar polishing cloth Apple is selling.

Good marketing will trick you into parting with money that you can’t really afford to part with.

Objects almost never make us actually happy.

Save and invest your money instead so you can pay for things like nice vacations with your family and a home with a beautiful view.

Value provided > time spent.

You get paid for the value you create, not the time you spend.

I mean sure, you’ll get paid at your 9–5 for the hours you clock. But, if you’re running your own business, side hustling, etc. you’re getting paid for the value.

Don’t buy more than you need.

Why would I pay 50k for a new Mercedes when I can pay 10k for a used Mazda?

They both get me where I need to go.

Why would I buy a huge house that costs me more not just actual dollars but also in interest, taxes and utilities?

A home is what you make it.

Avoid lifestyle inflation.

I make a lot more money today than I did 10 years ago, yet the way I live looks pretty similar.

Lifestyle inflation is why you hear about people who make 100k/year saying they’re broke or having a tough time.

Mike Tyson made 700 million dollars over his career, now he has 3 million.

Lindsay Lohan made 28 million and now has 800k.

Lifestyle inflation can kill you.

Get married.

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