7 Hard Truths, As Told in Percentages

Cait Mack
2 min readDec 23, 2021

The most important math of your life.

Alison Pang

Truth about Fitness

It’s 80% nutrition & 20% exercise.

You cannot outwork a bad diet.

Get your nutrition right and you’ve won most of the battle against obesity and poor health.

Pro tip: focus on fiber and protein from whole food sources.

Truth about Clarity

It’s 60% thinking & 40% reading.

You can read all day every day, but if you never give yourself time to think about it and chew it over- you’ll never get clarity.

What helps with clarity? Gratitude exercises and meditation.

Truth about Growth

It’s 50% discipline & 50% consistency.

There’s an idea I have. A formula you could say. My success formula.

Consistent discipline +Active patience + Perpetual optimism x Unemotional Investing = Unparalleled Success.

The discipline to execute your plan daily. And the consistency to do it for years.

Truth about Investing

It’s 60% good judgment/education & 40% patience.

You need a financial education.

You need to make good decisions.

And then you need to learn how to sit back and chill.

Investing should be considered a long game. As in 10, 15, 20+ years.

Truth about Happiness

It’s 90% mindset & 10% reason/environment.

Happiness really is a choice.

Every person has reasons to be sad or happy. But what you focus on, what you train your mindset for will dictate your actual outcome in regard to your mood.

Truth about Success

It’s 80% smart work & 20% luck.

Work smart, often, and you’ll find success.

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