4 Pillars of Productivity that Give You an Unfair Advantage

Cait Mack
2 min readNov 9, 2022

Up your output 10x.


If you’d like to save yourself some time, here’s the number one, undefeated productivity hack.

Sit your ass down (or get your ass up) and do the work.

But if you have 2 minutes, here are your four promised pillars of productivity which are guaranteed to assist your efforts.

1/ What are your high value tasks?

You have to figure out what moves the needle.

Busy is not productive.

Busyness indicates chaos. Productivity is controlled.

Is creating content? Is it networking? Finishing a particular project?

Create a list 3–5 high value tasks and make sure you do them before anything else.

2/ Master procrastination

A big key to productivity is actually getting started.

You need to stop staring at the wall or doing everything but your work.

So break your tasks into bite sized items.

For me right now, I’m working on a book. So, here’s my task list for that below.

Notice it’s not just: write book.

From my notion

3/ Kill distractions.

Put your phone in the other room.

Get somewhere quiet. Turn on classical music or Hans Zimmer soundtracks.

Once you get yourself started, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by Facebook scrolling.

What I do is the night before, I write my task list and then I open the page I need to work on and close everything else.

This way when I wake up, there’s only my work in front of me.

4/ Prepare for consistency.

Everything worth having takes time.

And important things can only be built by showing up daily.

What’s your plan for the days you don’t feel like showing up?

Mine is a motto: F*ck your feelings, follow your plan.

The easiest way to build consistency is to create routines. Own the first 2–3 hours of your day and the last hour and you can win most of your days.

I follow this loose schedule which allows for tons of flexibility, maximizes output and has 0 chance of burnout.

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