3 Quotes from Reed Hastings to Inspire Your Own Greatness

Cait Mack
2 min readFeb 26, 2022

And how to apply them.

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Reed is the co-founder and CEO of Netflix.

Netflix is a company that most definitely changed the world.

All that streaming and binging you love? Thanks Reed and company!

Let’s hear from him.

“Great leaders, like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, also focused on the long term.”

When you work for someone else, it’s hard to do this.

Our business culture is built around quarters. Did you perform well enough this past quarter? You may stay. You didn’t? You might get cut.

But, if you own your own business you can apply this. And we can all apply this to our lives.

“In hindsight, I slid into arrogance based upon past success.”

Humility can be a tough pill to swallow when life dishes it out.

So, it’s best to just keep some humility along the way.

Understand it’s not just your hard work that carries your successes. There’s plenty of luck along the way.

I keep in mind- I’m not special. I’m not a genius, I’m not overly talented, I’m not incredibly wealthy. I just keep plugging away.

I’m also well aware that being born in America in modern times was a big ole lottery win.

“I’ve worked very hard, but my life’s always been fun.”

Please tell me you’re having fun along the way.

Life is not just about working and creating and being productive.

It’s also about resting and enjoying and connecting.

One of the ways I’ve found to live this quote? Plan your days. This way you can build fun right into your schedule and still get everything done you need to.

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