2 Incredibly Important ‘Don’t Ever’ Investing Rules

Cait Mack
2 min readJun 30, 2022

Keep these top of mind.

Chris Liverani

You’ll get a lot of investing advice across the internet. Most of it stuff you already know.

Emergency fund.

Index funds.


All solid investing tips.

I invest in stocks, crypto and real estate so I don’t stick to index funds (ETFs are my jam).

But I’m not here to tell you what to do. I want to share what NOT to do.

My 2 rules I never, ever deviate from:

1. Don’t overextend yourself.

2. Don’t overleverage in any one single position.

I aim to produce heavy cash flow so I can invest a lot for tomorrow and still be comfortable today.

My investments get dropped into various pots- stocks (mostly ETFs), crypto (a few coins) and real estate (residential, commercial & industrial).

The plan is simple, which makes it easy and solid, which makes it smart.

Avoid desperation at all costs. Either being desperate or listening to desperate people. People who start investing out of desperation tend to make terrible decisions.

There are people who take all of their savings and invest it. Then shit hits the fan and they can’t pay their rent because their portfolio just dropped 50%.

Or they mortgage their house on things like LUNA. And lose their homes.

How to ensure this never happens to you? Follow the two ‘Don’t Ever’ rules.

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